"The Taj Mahal of dim sum joints", this duo of "white-tablecloth" Cantonese "banquet" halls in SoMa featuring an "endless parade of carts" bearing dumplings and other bites whose "originality, diversity and quality are unexcelled" gets "crazy busy at lunch" and "week-end brunch" with "first-timers", extended Chinese families and tourists"; "it's a bit Westernized" and probably "twice the price" of Chinatown, but the "slick setting" and "helpful" staff, plus "free parking on week-ends" at Rincon, are "well worth it".

Michelin Guide 2011

Two tiny words will rouse any San Franciscan on Saturday morning: Dim sum. The city's soup dumplings are legendary, and no one does them quite like Yank Sing, where Shanghai dumplings are stuffed with moist ground pork and a burst of juicy broth. Lengthy weekend waits are testament to each morsel's yummy goodness.

In the airy urban space, carts manned by servers wired with earpieces and mikes are loaded with steamed and fried delights then wheel up to tables in rapid fire. Barbecue pork buns are smoky and tender; caramelized pot stickers are a standout; and sesame balls filled with sweet mung paste are a sticky, lovely finish. Over-ordering is a hazard here; mind that prices add up quickly.

Take heart in validated parking in the subterranean garage.

SF Chronicle 2011 "Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants"

On an average weekday, all 250 seats of this Rincon Center restaurant are filled with hungry diners, and the dining room is bustling with roving carts stacked with bamboo baskets holding more than 80 dim sum items. On weekends, the outside atrium is used and the number of diners doubles to 500; even then, there's often a wait. Three generations of the Chan family have kept this dim sum restaurant on top for more than 50 years. The offerings may be more expensive than at other places, but the variety and quality justify the cost. In addition to dumplings, the restaurant offers individual orders of Peking duck; excellent pea shoots; and the signature cabbage, walnut and honey salad. There's also a smaller location a few blocks away on Stevenson.


Deemed "the Oscars of the food world," by Time magazine, The James Beard Foundation Awards are the country's most coveted honor for chefs; food and beverage prefessionals; broadcast media, journalists, and authors working on food; and restaurant architects and designers. "San Francisco's Yank Sing was one of five restaurants this year (2009) named an American classic."

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